I still have the honour of being a member for the acceptance that it is on a good point, but I do not know how it came to this misunderstanding. We all know that the Parliamentary Secretary of the Trade Committee would never be guilty of ambiguity and it is quite clear that motorcycles are covered by „mechanically powered road vehicles“. The statements covered by Article 6 of this decision must be clarified in such a way as to make a clear distinction between the statements relating to each agreement. I say that this order is a reasonable order with which the vast majority of Members of Both Parties are supporters. There is no indication that this is a „class“ order, as it only affects those who wish to enter into credit or lease contracts. Of course, this is the case, as are other measures taken by the government for a similar purpose – and that it would not be for me to enter now – which mainly affect another class. The house will realize that for many years, the municipality has been used to buying such items as part of the rental-sale system. This has proven to be the only method that allows not only the poorest parts of the Community, but also a very large number of people, on the one hand, to act in the economy when it comes to buying office furniture; I am referring to the needs of small traders. On the other hand, it is the long-recognized method that allows a newlywed couple who wants to start a house to acquire the bulk of a household.

1702 Let me address another argument used in the Order. At the announcement in the discussions in Parliament. I think the Chancellor of the Exchequer said on January 29 that the Order was necessary because the nation needs to limit capital expenditure and because the purchase of rent is a way to live beyond our income. If that is really a valid argument, why is the government moving forward with a grand plan for leasing? Unless this paragraph applies to a lease-sale or credit agreement entered into after this order comes into effect that includes, in whole or in part, one of the goods described in Appendix 1 or a radio phonograph. But those affected by this order are not affected in any way that affects them dramatically in the supply of necessities. Hearing some of the speeches, one might think that ordinary furniture was subject to this order: of course not. It was carefully omitted. Cooks, perambulants and many other items normally delivered under lease-to-sale contracts have been deliberately excluded from this order, so that it does not cause injury to people who build houses, such as hon. The members are afraid. This information explains what leases (HP) and conditional sales contracts are.

It informs you of your rights if you want to terminate the contract and the lender`s rights if you do not pay. (ii) the maximum time provided by this decision for the payment of the balance owed for these goods, if the period indicated in Appendix I column 3 for the goods of the corresponding denomination is equal to the period from the date of registration of the first agreement under which, if applicable, the deceased or the assignor was in possession of these goods and ended on the date of death or transfer.