Guidelines for: This letter aims to clarify issues related to complementary drug delivery agreements and prior approval of outpatient drugs covered by Medicaid. A number of states have requested approval for additional drug delivery agreements between a state and drug manufacturers for medically prescription outpatient drugs covered by Medicaid. Please visit the www.rxssdc.org website to complete and submit the „Offer for Additional Discounts“ table. The multi-state pool is open to negotiations on agreements that come into force each year on January 1. As a result, the consortium has set deadlines for the first offers of additional discounts. Offers received after this date will only be considered within the next open time. The only possible exceptions will apply to new products that will be introduced to the market later. SSDC Member States will not issue offers to review the list of drug-based products (PDL) in the absence of signed agreements. DISCLAIMER: The content of this database does not have the strength and effect of the law, except as authorized by law (including Medicare Advantage Rate announcements and notices) or as explicitly included in a contract. The department cannot cite, use or rely on guidelines that are not published in the advisory repository, except to establish historical facts. Make cheques payable to: IA Medicaid Enterprises: Drug Rebate Rebates And Prior Authorization of Covered Ampatient Drugs Any questions regarding bid submission may be emailed to THE GHS SSDC trading team under rxoffers@rxssdc.org.

Companies wishing to discuss additional discount options should visit the website for manufacturers and additional discounts or call the rebate coordinator supplement at (877) 399-8556.