Make a payment, find out about your rights, rental information and receive help and assistance. Please note that you are only considered a tenant if your name is in the rental agreement. If not, Soha will consider you „Priority 3: another local person.“ You will receive the non-tenant rate, even if you reside in one of our properties. Spinners Court is a historic building with 25 offices of 101 m2 adapted to one person, up to larger offices of 664 m2, which can accommodate many more staff. The lease agreement is a simple, simple agreement that does not require you to spend long periods of time and includes municipal gas central heating, office waste disposal and parking. These offices are ideal for small and new businesses that need space outside the home and do not require you to have long-term leases. For more information, please contact: If you want a garage in a popular location, you may have to wait for a garage to be available. You will be put on a waiting list and we will notify you as soon as something becomes available. There is also more general information about the right to buy and the right to buy on the gov.uk site. For more information on the real estate available, please visit the Windrush Industrial Park Hexagon website, you can focus on your business without headaches of building management, as the simple and simple license includes rental, prices, electricity and water among many other amenities, meeting rooms, kitchen spaces and cleaning common areas. For more information, please contact the right to sell, the right to the purchase initiative applies to tenants who have had a public landlord for three years.

It also gives tenants the right to buy their property at a reduced cost. The Cromwell Business Centre offers individual offices in a service building where you can keep in mind that most invoices are included in order to have more time for your business to grow. Social assistance, Neighborhoods keep clean and orderly and grant grants. Download our list of areas where we have garages.