Levels of Streaming Single Camera, No Production Approximate Cost for a 2 hr. event (including setup, testing, pre-planning): $600 This event requires a single camera and one camera person. The event is most likely an event in which only one person speaks at a time, probably from a podium. The person does not have integrated presentations (z.B. PowerPoint or videos). Expectations regarding DMS: Network Connectivity Streaming requires a robust network connection. Many sites on campus are equipped with such a connection, but there are several sites that are not. We urge you to contact us in time before each streaming so that we can help you work on sites of this ability and those that do not. When an event is to take place in a location without network functions, this will have temporal and budgetary consequences on access to networking.

Here too, early notification is essential to ensure the success of an event. You („you“ or the „customer“) hire WPRNY („we,“ „us“ or „WPRNY“) as an independent contractor for the creation of a video and/or related services (the „services“). In view of the reciprocal obligations set out in this service agreement (the „agreement“), parties wishing to be legally bound by this agreement accept the provisions of this agreement. Paid services include all web and related support services that we provide for a fee, with the exception of web services for which we specifically offer a separate customer agreement. Our paid services include, but are not limited: by selling video content via Pay Per View or subscriptions to Dacast Paywall, you accept or certify, (i) all content sold honestly, accurately and appropriately reflect the content that the final viewer wanted to purchase, (ii) you have the legal right to sell and digitally broadcast such content and (iii) that adult-type videos are not sold via the Dacast platform with PayPal payments. (b) the customer grants WPRNY (and its successors, a non-exclusive and limited license for the use of non-exclusive and limited videos or photographs by WPRNY (including screenshots and including the name of the customer and all embedded brands or service marks) for the purposes of demonstration, drawing and marketing, including, but not limited to, the right to display this material on the WNYpr website. WPRNY may also include the customer`s name and brand or service brand in a list of WPRNY customers for marketing and promotional purposes. WPRNY will not present this material in a derogatory manner to the customer. This limited licence is unlicensed worldwide for indefinite and non-revocable, but is limited to the uses covered in this paragraph.

Off-campus spectators This service is for clients who are hosting an event that they think will be of interest outside the campus voter. CTES provides the bandwidth and other services needed to provide the outward flow. The standards we use for external streaming are: after the end, all stored content and live streaming channels are removed from Dacast servers and systems. (e) Services generally do not include the collection or delivery of source files for individual components or items contained in the final video or photos produced by WPRNY for the customer. When the Customer requests the delivery of these files, WPRNY reserves the right to condition the delivery on the customer`s payment of the Customer`s expenses and expenses on the basis of time and equipment, including the costs of WPRNY subcontractors. The customer`s use of individual components or items (z.B. Stockfotos) may be subject to third-party licensing restrictions. The Customer recognizes that its rights to these individual components or items are subject to third-party licensing restrictions.