8. Trade agreements can also be established for a particular lender, article or group. 7. Several lines can be entered in a single Trade Agreement entry. The relational field allows the user to indicate what type of trade agreement is being drawn up. A single book-leaf can contain several types of agreements, including purchase and sale agreements. The account and article code defines the debit or credit and article relationship. 4. Trade agreements can be established in all of the above group forms. The Trade Agreement button allows trade agreements to be established for any type of relationship. The second step to updating bulk data sets is to use an option at the beginning of the log. Click Personalization> Personalization. This form allows you to update any line of the book sheet.

This makes life easier when all prices are adjusted by a percentage or a fixed amount. In addition to the price, you can also make discount adjustments. Click OK and the book sheet will be updated. Dynamics AX 2012`s commercial agreements allow prices and discounts to be introduced for products, lenders and debtors. (Or product groups, suppliers and customers). Trade agreements can be concluded in different ways and with different results. In this article, I will start with a basic function: to set the price of a product according to the customer and according to a group of customers. Trade agreements are managed through the implementation of price/discount agreements. I have the same problem, where I have a great Trade Agreement Journal, which I want to replace with new updated prices. I understand that you will have to process the original trade agreement and insert „final data“ for each line. Then download the new trade agreement with the discounted prices. We created a new price diary with an updated price of $6, and set the schedule at jun-01-Dec-31.

From June 1, the standard price in sales orders should be $6, but when we create the market, AX still applies the initial price agreement of $5. Establishing trade agreements Establishing a trade agreement can be done through each of the „group“ forms. The Trade Agreements button on these forms allows the user to create a trade agreement of any kind and relationship. Under the Trade Agreements button, select create trade agreements to open the form in which price statements/discounts are made. Defining groups are set to make it faster and simpler to assign items to a debitor or borrower. Groups of debtors or creditors may be assigned to a debtor/creditor, and then linked to an item or category of items through the trade agreement. Groups can be defined via the Inventory and Inventory Management module>Price/Discount. Or through the configuration section of the distribution and marketing or purchase and purchase module. Groups are assigned to a lender, debtor or article on the data set. Price groups are used to create prices for items or groups of items whose individual, multi-line discount groups and all discount groups are used to apply discounts on orders. 11.

To add a specific trade agreement to an order or order, go to the lines and enter the item. The article is set up automatically to meet the criteria of the existing trade agreement. 9. Once trade agreements are concluded, they are displayed under the group form under the Trade Agreements button. Update the corresponding trade agreements for marked items: In the Price Calculation box, select the price stack to use in the update. New trade agreement positions can be created by tapping CTRL-N or you can import existing book lines using the Select button and entering information about what you want to add to the dialog box.