Even an agreement reached by competitors for the good of the company and our industry could be a breach of antitrust rules if it were likely to impede competition. The corresponding documents on the SPFA website spfa.ca are updated to reflect this change. Founded in 1987 as the Polyurethane Foam Contractors Division, the Spray Polyurethane Foam Alliance (SPFA) is the collective voice, along with the educational and technical resource, for the sprayed polyurethane foam industry. Our experienced employees and members provide a large number of services to the industry. . There is a copy of the Robert`s Order Rules – Summary version that will lead the administration of the general meeting. -Visit campusupdate.ca to receive instructions on accessing emails from personal computers. If you have any questions or need clarification about one of the SPFA Finance documents, please email n]] >]] >This email address is protected from spam bots. You need to have JavaScript enabled to view it.

]]>. The questions and answers are published on the SPFA website (Under AGM>>Nov 5 2020>>Coment). -Sask Polytech computers should not be used at this time. If no candidate has obtained a majority after the first round, the list of nominees is reduced to the two candidates who get the most votes in the first round. The second round will take place within a seven-day timetable, in all cases, to determine a majority decision. . Thank you to the candidates and everyone who participated in the elections. Below is a screenshot of the results of the eBallot: as no candidate has obtained a majority of the votes cast, a second round of voting is required for the vice-president of the Moose Jaw campus. The two front-winners for the Moose Jaw Campus VP will appear on an eBallot.

The eBallot will be sent Tuesday at 9:00 a.m., November 24, to the Saskpolytech email address of moose Jaw campus members. EVoting remains open until Thursday at 4 p.m., November 26. The results of the second round will be announced to members by email on Friday, November 27. Voting on the presidential office will begin on October 29 at 9 a.m. and end on November 4 at 10 p.m. An electronic ballot is sent to each member`s Saskpolytech email address. We are working with our third-party provider to restore services via banners, such as . B payroll settlement systems. We will keep you informed because we have new information through campusupdate.ca A pandemic and now a cybersecurity incident. There is no Playbook for that. Official message from Saskatchewan Polytechnic Management Ensure that every SPFA meeting to which members are present has an agenda, that the agenda is followed and that SPFA staff respect the minutes of the procedure. Just a reminder that there will be an election for the SPFA president.

A virtual forum of questions and answers is provided as follows: . After the end of the general meeting, we noted my mistake. That`s why the SPFA sends you this notification. The fact that competitors object to prices, supply restrictions, customer or territory distribution or boycott is itself a violation of federal cartel legislation.