A: FIA Tech does not provide legal advice; However, there is no need to allow counterparties to post a legacy agreement. Only the counterparties of the agreement can see this agreement. A: Docs allows the download of information contained in the give-up agreement in internal systems and suppliers. Users of the system can download pricing plans in PDF format or create electronic pricing plans in docs using a standard price table. A: Docs is the electronic catch-up contract and the FIA Tech Accelerate documentation system. It is a web application that allows brokers, traders and customers to electronically execute the FIA International Uniform Give-Up Agreement and the Cleared Derivatives Execution Agreement. A: If a legacy agreement has been put online and a PDF rate plan has been attached to the agreement, the legacy agreement will be included in the evaluation. However, if the licensing agreement is not assigned to a tariff plan in the „Tariffplan“ section, it is not excluded. The data protection authority does not change the underlying conditions of our core agreement.

The data protection authority contains conditions that are in line with the main agreement, in addition to the main agreement, in order to more broadly protect the personal data that FIA Tech receives in the provision of its services. Customer: The part on the account from which the positions are finally abandoned for compensation. Although the customer (sometimes referred to as a „customer“) may authorize another party to place orders on their behalf, the customer is still a party to the additional fee contract (the „agreement“). Although it may authorize a trader to sign on his behalf (and can be identified by an account number in the trader`s version), he is ultimately responsible for positions obligations, such as margin, delivery, etc. 11. To enter into a „give-up“ transaction, a client will enter into a tripartite agreement between a performance broker, a countervailing broker and the client, which is known as the „give-up agreement“. The Filer will generally use as a clearing agent the international brokerage services uniform execution („Give-Up“) convention: version 2008 (© Futures Industry Association, 2008), as can be revised from time to time, as the give-up agreement with institutional eligible clients. A: If you have a tariff that combines fares that can be entered into the eRate format and rates that are not possible, you can partially scan the agreement.

Agreements in Docs can have both a PDF file and an eRate file. However, the decision to partially digitize an agreement rests with each company and may be appropriate in some circumstances, but not by others. If 90% or more of a Docs institution`s agreements have electronic rates, that institution is exempt from the tax. This percentage has been set to allow tariff plans that cannot yet be inserted into the eRate format. The data is transmitted electronically to stock markets, clearing houses and client systems to streamline execution intermediation procedures. The platform is open to all execution and clearing brokers, regardless of FIA affiliation. The FIA developed the Uniform Brokerage Execution Services (Give-up) Agreement in 1995. Although paper agreements continue to be used, the new system is expected to provide faster service. (m) meets the reporting and payment requirements for a filer, in accordance with CSO Rule 13-502; unless the spin-off relies on NI 31-103 (IDE) clause 8.18, the spin-off pays a registration fee until December 31 of each year based on Ontario`s reported revenues for the previous year, in accordance with the provisions of the third part and section 6.4 of CSO Rule 13-502, where the spin-off would have been based on FDI; A: Companies can store older agreements on the system – agreements that are outside of Docs. These agreements must be converted to be downloaded into PDF documents.