The pilots joined ALPA: in 1997 (now a group of ALPA pilots, when CALPA merged with ALPA) While Ryan`s future remains uncertain, the fact that the company continues to operate is due in large part to its intrepid pilots and its spirit of cooperation and sacrifice. By asking our government to do its part to protect the livelihoods of pilot jobs in U.S. airlines, we have implemented our comprehensive Leveling the Playing Field initiative with strong recommendations on what it will take to secure the future of our pilots. The NAA-ALPA team exchanged proposals with management in the spring and reached an agreement in principle (AIP) in mid-June. The group of pilots then received another turn balloon: the Teamsters (IBT), which represents World Airways pilots and cabin crew and NAA cabin crew, asked the National Mediation Board (NMB) to decide on the status of a single airline for both airlines. There was no consistency in the executive suite and it was very difficult to do anything, says F/O Devin Lyall, president of the Master Executive Council (MEC) for the 142 pilots and flight engineers. We cannot build relationships with our management, whose first reaction, when a new CEO arrives, is to restructure the company and look for things that change. It`s really starting to take a toll. Northern Canadian pilots fly in Canada`s northernmost regions and carry passengers and cargo in most of us on a daily basis as difficult conditions. Landings and take-offs on isolated ice and gravel runways in the polar Arctic time are the norm for these pilots, whose significant capabilities are required to bend the throttle for this unique company. On his 2013 to-do list, Canadian North MEC is working to create a Professional Standards Committee to help pilots who need assistance in overcoming additional flight challenges in extremely difficult conditions.

The pilot group is also developing a post-accident and incident checklist to supplement the information provided by ALPA on its orange accident hotline.